Everyone has a place at Speech Arcade

We're serious about quality, individualized therapy. That's why we don't put limits on how many classrooms, students, or goals you can have.

Set up your classrooms in minutes

Unlimited classrooms to organize by day, site, or group
Unlimited student profiles
No extra fees for large caseloads
Included in all plans
Perfect for therapy in any setting

Assign each student their goal areas

Each student can have unlimited goal areas assigned to them
Use our pre-made target lists for the most common goal areas
Create your own target lists if you need something unique
Flexibility built-in

Let Speech Arcade do its magic

Games automatically shuffle prompts from students' assigned goal areas
Optionally select which goal areas to practice if you'd like to focus a particular area in a session
Takes per-goal data automatically with a reporting plan
what we do

The all-in-one speech therapy solution

Speech Arcade isn't just games. It's caseload management, target integration, data collection, and progress monitoring, too.


games with 2+ students working on unique goals have been played


student profiles are managed on the Speech Arcade platform


unique trials have been logged using Speech Arcade games


progress reports have been generated with Speech Arcade

Why Speech Arcade

Speech Arcade gives you your nights back

Stop working after work. With Speech Arcade, you don't need to worry about session prep, student engagement, data collection, or even progress monitoring - we do all of that for you.

Unlimited student profiles
Assign goal areas to each student
Automatically show each student prompts for their own goals only
Maximum flexibility: target any goal areas in any game
Takes data on every trial with a reporting plan
Generates progress reports with graphs
Stay organized
with Speech Arcade