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Each student is unique. That's why we only show players questions for their own goals, even in mixed groups. It just makes sense.

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Set up classrooms

Create unlimited classrooms - one for each grade level, school, group, or however you prefer to organize.

Add students

Add unlimited student profiles to each of your classrooms. We don't limit you based on caseload size - you have fuil control.

Assign goals

Assign goal areas to each of your students so that Speech Arcade can magically show them their own goals each time they play.

Build games

Choose your game. Pick whether you'd like to play on your device, or generate a link to play on another device or send home as practice.

Select players

When you add players to any game, their targets will automatically be shown throughout the game.

Take turns

Students take turns playing and practicing their targets. We have collaborative and competitive games to choose from!

Log trials

With a reporting plan, each of your students' trials is automatically logged - you don't need to do anything extra.

View reports

View student reports at any time with a reporting plan. See progress by goal and over any time period, with graphs that are perfect for presenting.

Speech Arcade is the ONLY tool I've ever found that is made for mixed groups. With a caseload of 85 in the schools, groups are all I see. The fact that I can use the activities with students who have completely different goals has made scheduling (and my whole life) SO MUCH EASIER. Not to mention that I don't have to take any data myself!

Alex I.
Speech Arcader

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