Mascot & Creative Director



Frito began her life as a street dog in Thailand, making friends with the locals and scavenging for food. Eventually, she was picked up by Soi Dog Foundation, a foundation that rescues and homes dogs who are at high risk for entering the illegal dog meat trade. Frito was chosen by a rescue in San Diego to be flown to the US and matched with a loving home stateside. Jenn was in grad school at San Diego State at the time, and saw Frito on the rescue's Facebook page. When she and Frito met in person, it was love at first pet!


Frito has over 3 years of experience starring in various speech therapy resources. She has inspired people to laugh and smile a little more her whole life.


Frito's career began as the star of an eBook, Frito Makes a Friend, and companion speech therapy materials. Frito Makes a Friend and all of the accompanying materials are available for free online at After the success of Frito Makes a Friend, Frito began starring in online mini-games designed for speech therapy, leading to her current role here at Speech Arcade.

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